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Shipping Policy

Secret Zone provides its customers with the opportunity to deliver their orders easily and safely with its wholesale service.
Orders are shipped quickly and regularly
via the customer's preferred carrier.

Additionally, if you do not have a preferred carrier, we cooperate with reliable transportation companies for national and international shipments, prioritizing our customers' satisfaction.

Returning Policy

Secret Zone offers a transparent return policy
by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

After return requests are notified to us in writing, our customers' products are subjected to a professional evaluation process.
In case of product defects or manufacturing errors, a free refund or exchange is offered. In case of usage error or shipment deformation, a solution is found by contacting the customer.
Our returns policy aims to provide a fair and
transparent shopping experience.

Quality Info

Secret Zone is proud to announce that all the shoe models it sells are genuine leather, and that the production quality is at the highest level compared to European standards.
It is also possible to carry out chemical and
physical tests upon the customer's request,

If these tests are requested, after a written request submitted to us,
we contact our customers and discuss the steps taken
and the tariffs applied in detail.

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